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   Waxology, a place to discuss
   The Conscience of a Conservative
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   Chapter One (A)
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Chapter One (A)
« on: Jun 13th, 2009, 8:46pm »
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     Goldwater wastes no time. He claims the high ground for conservatives and defines liberals as he wishes to define them regardless of how ludicrous this rash stroke is.  
     “The root difference between conservatives and liberals of today is that conservatives take into account the whole man, while liberals tend to look only at the material side of man’s nature.”  –Barry Goldwater (Page 10)  
     The senator from Arizona uses this argument, which he feels is a simple and obvious fact, to further state that conservatives are concerned with man’s spiritual nature, while liberals ignore man’s spiritual needs. Goldwater states that spiritual needs outweigh economic and material needs, and that a conservative’s political thinking is based on this fact. The clear implication is that conservatism is simply superior.    
     I agree that the spiritual is more important than the material; however I do not agree that liberals are less spiritual nor do I believe that the superiority of the spirit should be assumed as a political stance nor should all Americans be assumed to agree that spiritual concerns by their nature outweigh material concerns. In America we are supposed to be free to make that decision for ourselves rather than find out that our senator is acting on the belief.  
     However, I think this bit about conservatism being more concerned with the spiritual aspect of humans is set in place here so that we may follow when Goldwater speaks against government assistance to the hungry, disabled, etc. Such assistance puts the physical needs for food and shelter and medical care before the spiritual needs of humanity. Apparently Goldwater believes it is better to be free starve to death than to allow a government intrusion which will bring food to the starving at the cost of a degree of Socialism, which is apparently fatal to the spirit of humans.  
        “Conservatism therefore looks upon the enhancement of man’s spiritual nature as the primary concern of political philosophy.”  –Barry Goldwater (Pages 10-11)  
I want to emphasize that I do not claim to stay on the topic indicated by the quote which begins each segment. Also, there will be cases where I appear to be putting words in the late Senator’s mouth. In some cases I may in fact be putting words in his mouth; arguing against a point he didn’t make and implying that he made it. I apologize. What I am doing is allowing my mind to explore the issues that arise in my mind from reading a given passage of Barry Goldwater’s writing.
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-Franz Kafka from: Investigations of a Dog
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