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Oct 22nd, 2019, 5:56am

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   Waxology, a place to discuss
   The Environment
(Moderators: mitakeet, torporchair)
   What This Forum Is About
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What This Forum Is About
« on: Apr 15th, 2008, 9:28pm »

According to mitakeet
Waxing:  passionate discussion of a subject (not necessarily one that anyone else cares about).  
Waxology:  the study of passionate discussions on various and sundry subjects (that other people may find no value in).  
What I am hoping to get from this forum is a place for thoughtful people to calmly and rationally discuss any subject, including those that are considered controversial.  Differences of opinion are welcome and encouraged, but name calling and breast beating are not.  Please feel encouraged to start your own thread on any topic.  If it happens that no one replies it may be that how you expressed your viewpoint just didn't trigger anyone's desire to respond (perhaps you stated your case so well no one needed to amplify it).    However, before creating a new thread, please look through what threads have already been started and add to those if relevant.  Even if that thread is old, it may serve as an introduction to your topic and anyone already subscribed to that thread will get automatic notification.  
After all that encouragement, I must say that rational discussion of controversial subjects does not require anyone to agree with you, but what I am hoping is that any posts and responses we get here are thoughtful and researched rather than off the cuff and rude.  As a personal request, please run a spell checker and review your post before submitting it, it is so much easier to read, understand and follow your thread if it actually reflects what you intended it to say.  
Thank you for visiting the Waxology page!
According to torporchair
co-founder of this site

The word WAX became a central part of my vocabulary somewhere around 1979 or 1980. At that time there was a very prevalent commercial on TV for the late movie, and the late movie seemed to always be The Dogs of War.  
A year or so ago I learned that the play Julius Caesar is the source for the phrase "The Dogs of War". Antony is the one who speaks the phrase in Shakespeare's play, after Caesar has been slain and Antony is alone with the body, and he is upset. "Cry 'Havoc', and let slip the dogs of war!" He cries.  
The phrase, introduced into my consciousness by the repeated advertisement for the late movie, allowed my subconscious to transmogriphy the phrase into Dogs of Wax. My friends became accustomed to hearing me constantly mumbling about dogs of wax, hounds of mercy, hounds of wax, and other phrases which followed once Dogs of Wax had opened the door to these subconscious phrases.  
The key word in Dogs of Wax can be dog or wax. I made wax into a verb, adjective, gerund, etc. I used wax as a verbal wild card.  
I am not sure when wax became a word for beating another team in sports.  I am not sure what other meanings it may have in popular culture. (Note added 3/27/08: The song Boot Hill, which appears on the Stevie Ray Vaughan CD The Sky Is Crying, contains the word "wax" {possibly "whacks" but I doubt it}. The writer of the lyrics is, as far as I can tell, unknown- looks like an old blues song of indeterminate origin. Some of the best of them are... Anyway, the word "wax" is clearly used in this song to mean "kill".)  
At some point I learned that jazz musicians used to refer to recording their music as 'waxing' because of the wax discs that were used to record music in the early days. I knew that some of my Jazz Heroes were using the verb 'wax/ing/ed'!!!!!! This has cemented the word into my life.  
Waxology is a righteous name and I like it. I think Keith came up with this variation of the word. He may think it was me, but I donít recall coming up with the name; I think it was Keith.
IP Logged

"The facts, however, show that there are always new soaring dogs in evidence..."
-Franz Kafka from: Investigations of a Dog
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