Sol Biotech Incorporated

Headed by Keith Oxenrider, President and Principal Investigator.
3200 Kayson Street
Silver Spring, MD 20906
(301) 942-4898

Founded 1997

Sol Biotech Incorporated is pursuing research that combines the technology of integrated circuit manufacturing with biological materials to build hybrid break-through products in the area of high-performance computing, memory and sensors. This research will be accomplished by utilizing the technology of electron beam lithography (and later Focused Ion Beam implantation) to achieve fabrication of features as small as 10 nm without the need for any masks.

Mr. Oxenrider (resume, LinkedIn page) has a BS in Biochemistry from Virginia Tech along with 7.5 years of part-time, full-time, graduate (he spent a year double Mastering in Biochemistry and Business) and post-graduate research experience that resulted in 4 publications. In addition, he has received an MBA (also from Virginia Tech; graduate research there resulted in a paper in Decision Sciences and several abstracts) and has spent over 15 years in programming and project management including 7 years working with the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Through Sol Biotech Mr. Oxenrider is leveraging his knowledge of biotechnology and computing to design and build hybrid circuits.

For questions or comments about Sol Biotech, contact koxenrider[at]sol[dash]biotech[dot]com or call (301) 942-4898.

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